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Innovative Protein Therapeutics

Antibody-Drug Conjugates.

At ProteoDesign we are using our proprietary s-EPL technology and the UltraFast split inteins for the development of novel and innovative protein therapeutics.

The ability to precisely chemically modify proteins provides and effective means to confer them with new and improved properties.

Protein modification via s-EPL greatly increases the predictability of the resulting conjugate and so reduces the risk of failure at advanced stages of the drug development process, when they are most costly.

ProteoDesign is using its technological platform and expertise to develop a new generation protein-drug therapeutics, with a particular focus on antibody drug conjugates and other immuno conjugates.

Antibody Drug Conjugates

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), also called “smart-bombs” are one of the most promising categories of biological drugs. ADCs combine the highly specific targeting properties of antibodies with the lethality of cancer-cell killing agents (cytotoxic drugs) to specifically kill cancer cells over healthy ones.

All currently used technological platforms for the development of ADCs have drawbacks and limitations, some of which are listed below:

  • Antibody activity: existing methods generate complex heterogeneous mixtures and the lack of control of the attachment site can negatively affect the activity of the antibody.
  • Cytotoxic activity: existing methods are limited to the incorporation of one single type of modification, which precludes the development of ADCs carrying different cytotoxics (i.e: new therapeutic opportunities).
  • Cost: modification processes need to be highly optimized and yields are low due to the requirement to carry out several purification steps to reduce heterogeneity of the samples.