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Personalized cancer immunotherapies

Inducing the activation of an innate and personalized adaptive immune response against the tumor


Cancerous cells are actually quite common in the body. When cancerous cells form in the body, the immune system works to find and fight the cancer by activating an immune response. However, in some instances tumor cells avoid destruction by evading immune surveillance, leading to the development of cancer. Immuno-oncology (IO) is an exciting area of research that aims at re-educating the body’s own immune system to fight cancer back.

In recent years, we have seen significant success with IO approaches directed at disrupting discrete elements used by tumor cells to evade the immune system. Checkpoint inhibitors, such as anti-PD1 antibodies, and CAR-T ex vivo cell therapies are the most prominent examples of these highly efficacious therapies. However, current approaches are limited to  reduced subsets of patients and may present serious adverse effects, limiting their application to the broader patient population. CAR-T therapies face additional significant complexities arising from the operational effort required to engineer and deliver these cells to the patient.

Our approach

At ProteoDesign, we recognize that each cancer is unique and should thus be treated in a personalized manner. Hence, we have developed a proprietary platform built upon decades of joined pioneering research in protein engineering and immunology. Based on the individual’s unique tumor mutated antigens (neoantigens), we can generate personalized cancer immunotherapies in a quick, precise and reliable manner. ProteoDesign is now developing these novel antibody-based immunotherapies through preclinical development.